Green by Design: How Sustainability is Improving in the Trades Industry

In the ever-brightening spotlight of environmental awareness, the trades and construction industry is stepping up to the challenge. Beyond the traditional role of erecting buildings, today's trades professionals are emerging as champions of sustainability. This article is your guide to the world of sustainable structures, exploring how our skilled tradesmen are using their expertise, innovative materials, and cutting-edge technologies to shape a future where construction and conservation go hand in hand.


Material Choices and Innovations:

At the heart of sustainable construction lies the smart choice of materials. Our tradesmen have got their hands on eco-friendly alternatives that are changing the game. Recycled metal, glass and plastic, natural paints, reclaimed timber and low-impact concrete to name a few, these materials are gaining ground due to their minimal impact on our environment. By using them, our trades professionals are contributing to a world where resources are cherished and structures are built to last.


Embodied Energy and Carbon Footprint:

Sustainable construction also dives deep into something called embodied energy – that's the sum total of energy needed to extract, manufacture, transport, and assemble building materials. Our trades professionals get it: less embodied energy means a smaller carbon footprint. They're opting for materials that demand less energy-intensive processes, like sourcing local materials to reduce those transportation emissions.


Energy Efficiency and Technological Wizardry:

In the realm of sustainable construction, energy efficiency is the hero of the story. Our trades professionals are turning to renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines to tap into cleaner power, waving goodbye to fossil fuels. Smart technologies are also stepping in – think energy-efficient lighting and super-smart HVAC systems – to redefine how structures consume and control energy.


Green Building Certifications:

When it comes to sustainable structures, those gold stars are real. Certifications like BREEAM or LEED are like badges of honour, confirming that a structure is walking the green walk. Trades professionals are at the heart of this, ticking off all the boxes to meet the strict standards of these certifications and ensuring every nail, beam, and wire aligns with the principles of sustainability.



The future is looking brighter thanks to our skilled tradesmen who are setting new standards for construction. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for them; it's a mission they're taking to heart. By embracing innovative materials, tapping into renewable energies, and adopting a holistic view, they're not just building structures – they're crafting a future where our planet thrives alongside our cities.

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