Elnur MAC15 Electric Combination Boiler 3 - 15kw Output

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Digital Modulating Electric Combi Boiler, for heating and domestic hot water
  • The MAC15 Combi boiler is suitable for single or 3-phase supplies
  • 3-12kw range rated on single phase supplies
  • 3-15kw range rated on 3-phase supplies
  • Smart Electronic Modulation System to regulate energy consumption according to the exact heating needs at all times (external room stat required)
  • Digital modulating which, equates to less energy waste
  • Ideal Replacement for Oil Boilers
  • KIWA Approved
  • Elnur presents Mattira, the new electric boiler range to cover your Domestic Hot Water and Heating needs. Mattira is the ideal option when a totally safe and reliable efficient central heating system is required. It is the perfect solution for properties with no access to a mains gas supply or homes which have gas boiler restrictions. With this new range of digital electric boilers, GABARRÓN offers you the opportunity to enjoy the safety and convenience of electricity. Mattira is the ideal option when a totally safe, reliable and efficient central heating system is required. Our digital electric boilers are the only ones on the market that regulate energy consumption according to the heating needs of the installation, taking into account not only the ambient temperature, but also the external temperature. Mattira ensures the optimum comfort in your home, with the maximum running cost savings thanks to its Modulation and AutoHeating Regulation features. The modulating feature of our electric boilers is managed by a Smart Electronic Modulating System (SEM). It applies TRIAC technology combined with an external chrono thermostat to continuously adapt the heating capacity to the heating needs of the premises, thus achieving 100% energy efficiency and overall savings in energy costs. Another feature managed by the SEM System is the Heating Modulation. It is possible to regulate the temperature at which the boiler drives the water heating circuit depending on the outdoor temperature.This method of regulation provides maximum comfort as it anticipates changes in the thermal needs of the house. These features and the fact that, Mattira electric boilers modulate in steps of 1 kW, reduce any possibility of energy waste to the minimum offering you the maximum comfort in your home. These boilers can be installed on single or three-phase electric supplies by using a bridge included with the boiler. All Mattira electric boilers can be limited to any output between 3 and 12 kW on single phase supplies and up to 15 kW on three-phase supplies. None of the Elnur MAC15 boilers emit gases or direct pollution when operating. They do not operate using fuels such as gas or diesel and there is therefore no risk of leaks or explosions.

    Selectable Output kW 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15
    kcal/h 2580 3440 4300 5160 6020 6880 7740 8600 9460 10320 11180 12900
    Current 3 x 400 V+N~ A 13.0 8.7 13.0 8.7 13.0 13.0 13.0 21.7 21.7 21.7 21.7 21.7
    *Current 230 V~ A 13.0 17.4 21.7 26.1 30.4 34.8 39.1 43.5 47.8 52.2 Ask Ask
    **Time Available DHW min 29'04" 21'48" 17'26" 14'32" 12'27" 10'54" 9'41" 8'43" 7'56" 7'16" 6'42" 5'49"

      *Using included bridge connection **Time in minutes remaining available on DHW

      Digital Modulating Electric Boiler, for heating and domestic hot water.
    • MATTIRA COMBI Heating boiler is made of insulated steel.
    • Modulating electronic control of the heater by SEM system (Smart Electronic Modulating system).
    • Wall bracket steel template to set up connections easily. 50L DHW tank made of insulated stainless steel, CFC free.
    • Compatible with Ambient Thermostats and the Elnur Connected range of internet thermostats, all available as accessories.
    • Stainless steel shielded elements - INCOLOY800 for heating and DHW.
    • 6L heating expansion vessel.
    • 2L DHW expansion vessel.
    • DHW temperature limiter 80 °C.
    • Modulating electronic control of the heater.
    • Heating 3 bar relief valve. Pressure gauge 0-4bar.
    • DHW 7 bar relief valve.
    • Circulating pump.
    • Also suitable for use with under floor heating.
    • Auto air vent.
    • DHW anti-electrolysis hoses.
    • Auto Heating Regulation mode.
    • 5 Year Warranty on the Cylinder, 2 Years on Electronics
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    SKU MAC15
    Standard Delivery Time Next Day*
    Weight 61.000000
    Country of Manufacture Spain
    Output 3-15kw
    Height (mm) 830mm
    width_mm 555mm
    Depth (mm) 450mm
    Manufacturer Elnur
    Manufacturer Warranty 5 Years
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